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Aquarium Lighting Guide

Uses For Different Aquarium Lighting

Aquariums are recreations of a specific animals’ natural habitat. People who own aquariums try to responsibly recreate life as their fish or reptile might have outside in the natural world. Aquarium lighting is needed for the fish in the tank and for the plants in the tank, if you have them.

One of the basic needs of animals and humans is sunlight. This is the reason why there is aquarium lighting available for those who wish to help their fishy friends. There are several kinds of aquarium lighting available. These are specialized to help fish and other marine life cope with life in an aquarium. The deeper your aquarium is the stronger kind of aquarium light you need. Almost all kinds of aquarium fish should have at least ten to twelve hours of light in a day’s time.

Types of Aquarium Lighting

Fluorescent tubes are the most common type of aquarium lighting available. These are cheap and easy to install in many types of hoods or other light fixtures which can be affixed to the aquarium. There are different spectrums in fluorescent lights which are available.

Aquarium tank owners usually base their choices of light on the color spectrum and the brightness that a light can give. The lights with more red and blue spectrum are best for aquatic plants. For those tanks with fish only, go for the yellow-green part of the light spectrum. You can also opt for a full spectrum aquarium lighting if you have both fish and live plants in your aquarium.

You must also be aware of how much aquarium lighting your fish and plants need. Too much light will encourage algae growth whereas too little will result in unhealthy plants. You can measure the amount of light using a lux meter to be sure just how much light you are providing for your plants and fish.

A lunar light is also available for aquarium lighting to provide fish with some degree of light at night. This lunar light is because in the seas and rivers, there is usually some kind of light instead of the pitch black of a darkened room.

It is the responsibility of the tank owner to provide the right kind of care for the animals and marine life in the tank. Aquarium lighting is one of the integral parts of having an aquarium since living things need light. Plants which are sometimes needed to aerate the tank depend on aquarium lighting to provide them with the means to make food

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